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Infrastructure Development Energy WASH and Shelter (IDEAS) Program


Infrastructure Development Energy WASH and Shelter (IDEAS) Program is committed to provide good quality infrastructure to the target population. IDEAS program is a series of projects, based on the foundation of field tested best practices and proven capabilities. The innovative models by HANDS IDEAS are low cost, durable, socially acceptable and environment friendly.

Best Practice Service Models

Drinking water facilities

Provision of drinking water is critical issue in rural areas where women have to fetch water from long distances. This best practice model offers construction of water supply reservoir, laying down of supply line, storage tanks and installation of shallow hand pumps as per requirement of the community.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Provide drinking water to the community at their door step.
  • Reduce the hardships of women.
  • Improve the health of community especially women.
  • Reduce the incidence of water borne diseases.
  • Save the labour and time of the community.


  • The methodology of this model includes general and specific steps for each of its component. The general steps include:
  • Social Mobilization process i.e. CBO formation, account opening and submission of need assessment resolution.
  • Prefeasibility study i.e. information of village; population, available infrastructure facilities, property of the villagers, human resources (skilled and unskilled), water level etc.
  • Submission of CBOs proposal and transfer of funds to CBOs bank account.
  • Carrying out of construction work by potential contractors is approved and assigned by HANDS’  Procurement and Logistics Department.
  • Frequent monitoring and facilitation by HANDS technical teams.
  • The specific steps for each component of the model are concerned with technical aspects and are referred to program brochures of each model.

The components of Drinking Water Facilities model includes:

  1. Under Ground Drinking Water Storage Tanks
  2. Surface Ground Drinking Water Storage Tanks
  3. Drinking Water Supply Reservoir
  4. Drinking Water Supply Line
  5. Drinking Water Hand Pump Shallow No. 4 & 6
  6. Water Treatment Unit (WTU)


Overall 600 drinking water facilities were constructed including under water storages and ground surface drinking water storages. Besides 46 water supply lines and 02 filter plants were also constructed. 4439 hand pumps have also been installed.