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Knit Garment Unit

The knit garment model aims at providing income generation opportunities from garment production. Garment production has quite vast scope for the income generation especially for underprivileged communities.


  • The objectives of this model are to:
  • Train local communities in knit garment.
  • Provide income generation opportunities.


  1. Conduction of market survey/market demand.
  2. Employment of workers on daily wages or permanent basis.
  3. Development of samples.
  4. Confirmation of order from market.
  5. Purchase of raw material
  6. Production process (fabrication, cutting, stitching, finishing, press and packing and packaging).
  1. Delivery of order.
  2. Establishment of Management Information System (MIS).


A knit garment unit was established at Memon Goth for knit garment production by local community members. Until now 68,249 garments have been produced through this centre.