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Hunarmand Markaz (Display Centre)

This best practice model of the program is introduced to provide a centre for the display of marketing products. The centre not only provides opportunity for local craftsmen to display their products for marketing but also provide opportunity to local businessmen to avail these products.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Promote local handicraft for income generation.
  • Display products made by local artisans/ craftsmen for sale/purchase.
  • Create liaison for marketing of products of local artisans.


  • The process of establishing Hunarmand Markaz (HM) includes:
  • selection of appropriate place for HM and hiring of staff. The staff is appropriately and adequately trained in all technical aspects of running the HM.
  • Local artisans and crafts identified and sample crafts obtained for display along with exploration of market for their sale.
  • Orientation to local CBO and skilled person.
  • Identification of market for products, order placement with the artisan and imparting relevant training or facilitation if required.
  • A ToR IS signed with Hunarmand and this is based on 80:20 ratio i.e 80% of money from sale of the product is kept by the artisan and 20% by the HM which is utilized for its ongoing expenditures and sustainability.
  • Inspection of sample products produced / manufactured.
  • After inspection of products, orders are placed in bulk to Hunarmand (artisan).
  • Products are displayed at HM for sale and purchase.
  • The HM is utilized not only for display and marketing of   products but also for monitoring the quality of the products, exploration of innovative designs/ideas to improve the quality and further promotion of products. The staff of HM is also responsible for creating liaisons not only in local market but other stakeholders as well for promotion of products.
  • CBO is responsible to keep close coordination with Hunarmand (artisan) to ensure quality and timely delivery of order.