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Sughar Program

This best practice service model is developed to promote local trades as well as to create income generation activities for women in the communities.


  • The objectives of Sughar (local skilled women) model are to:
  • Provide self employment opportunities through skill enhancement trainings.
  • Facilitate system of supplies and marketing liaisons.
  • Establish link with HANDS display centre.


  • Trainees (Sughars) identified and selected from the target village along with identification of local trainer for trainings.
  • Conduction of training at village level or at Hunarmand Training Centre (HTC).
  • Sughars provided with sample and required material for making of the products.
  • HANDS technical staff visits the villages to keep check on work quality of Sughars. In case of any modification in quality, Sughars are responsible to make changes/alter the product as per agreed design, quality, time and ToR.
  • CBO is responsible to keep close coordination with Sughars to ensure quality and timely delivery of order.
  • The Sughar is linked with local market/display centre
  • for supplies and sale of their products.
  • The Sughars’ products include cut work, ladies
  • dresses, local embroidery, caps and file folders.


So far 3,134 Sughars have been trained through this program in different traits for income generation.



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