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Enterprise Development / Entrepreneurship

This model aims at providing income generation activities for socioeconomic stability of underprivileged people in target population.


The objectives of Enterprise Development / Entrepreneurship model are to:

  • Improve socioeconomic conditions of under privileged communities.
  • Ensure provision of self employment opportunities
  • through skill enhancement trainings.
  • Establish small enterprises.
  • Transfer assets and/or distribute grant.



  • Conduction of FGDs (Focus Group Discussions)
  • and wellbeing ranking in target population.
  • Poverty scoring of household and selection of beneficiaries
  • Development of Livelihood Investment Plan (LIP)
  • Transfer of assets along with appropriate training
  • (Enterprise Development and Product Development) of the selected beneficiaries.
  • Linkages of beneficiaries with local government, commercial market, Hunarmand Markaz and non government organization.
  • Formation of Common Interest Group (CIG)
  • Orientation to local Community Based Organization (CBO)
  • The income generation thus starts and linkages of beneficiaries developed with local market, local government, Hunarmand Markaz or NGOs for display and sale of products.