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Capacity Building Trainings

Livelihood Enhancement program conducts trainings for communities on need and demand basis. Before initiation of any intervention, trainings are conducted in respective sector. Different training needs are assessed before or during any intervention and trainings are imparted as per requirement. The capacity Building package of Livelihood Enhancement On-Farm program includes trainings on agriculture development, livestock management, poultry management, Nationwide Financial Literacy Program (NFLP) and orientation workshop (CMST).


The objectives of this training model are to:

  • Build the capacity of the communities/groups/CBOs.
  • Enhance quality and quantity of product.
  • Improve income generation opportunities through capacity building (knowledge and skills).
  • Reduce poverty through capacity building and increased income generation.


  • Training need assessment
  • Develop training material
  • Selection of trainee as per criteria
  • Resolution/recommendation of CBO members
  • Selection and training of trainers
  • Conduction of training
  • Certificate distribution

Follow-up trainings/advance courses

Training Contents:

Agriculture development:

  • Land management
  • Water management
  • Seasonal calendar of cash crops
  • Cash crops and food crops
  • Marketing

Livestock management

  • Rearing
  • Feed/fodder
  • Diseases and vaccination
  • Marketing

Poultry management

  • Rearing
  • Feed/fodder
  • Diseases and vaccination
  • Marketing

Nationwide Financial Literacy Program

  • Saving
  • Business development
  • concepts
  • Business cost estimation
  • Financial management
  • Investment

Training Duration:

02 days training on each category.


Livelihood Enhancement (Off-Farm)

Livelihood (off farm) promotes economic empowerment with special focus on women. The objective is to make financially self-reliant, skilled and socially secure society.  The program focuses on provision of skill training and establishment of community based enterprises. Through these services, the program facilitates the needy and poor communities for uplifting their socioeconomic status. Most of the best practice models of livelihood program are service as well as training based. Following are the HANDS Livelihood Enhancement (Off farm) program best practice models of service and training.