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Community Nurseries

The model of Community Nursery refers to social forestry. The aim is to maintain and improve ecological balance through forestation and contribute towards increasing environmental awareness along with income generation and employment. These nurseries are focused on fruits, vegetables, wood for fuel and plants for gardening. The aim of social forestry is to provide high quality seeds, plants to small and marginal farmers to increase agricultural productivity and farm earnings. The enterprise uses a variety of activities to increase awareness about the necessity of planting trees and to increase the number and variety of trees for timber, fuel and fruit, not only to meet the basic needs but also to restore the ecological balance.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Develop habit for home nursery.
  • Provide plantation of fruits and vegetables.
  • Provide income generation opportunities from nursery.
  • Improve environment.


  • Development of Livelihood Investment Plan
  • Community meeting
  • Formation/strengthening of  Community Based Organization (CBO)
  • Orientation to CBO and community on Community Nursery
  • Funds transfer in CBO  account on the  requisition of District Office
  • Preparation of land for cultivation and initiation of plantation
  • Sale of plants/seeds as per local requirement and managed by CBO
  • Develop liaison with lines department
  • Maintenance of MIS by CBO
  • Monitoring and supervision by the program in the finalization of inputs and awareness generation on the effective utilization of the  inputs