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Small Poultry Hatchery

This model focuses on establishment of small poultry hatcheries or backyard poultry rearing. Small poultry hatchery unit is capable of hatching 50-100 eggs. The beneficiary is able to use and sell the hatched chickens in the neighborhoods. Livelihood Enhancement (on farm) has planned to establish a poultry hatchery unit at district level which is capable of hatching 10,000-15,000 eggs. The hatched chickens are distributed to poor women of the families in target area to use as food security and income generation. The beneficiaries are able to use and sell the grown up chickens in the nearby market. This mechanism involves training of beneficiaries, distribution of 10 chickens to each household for rearing, a poultry cage and one time supply of poultry feed to each family.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Promote poultry business at household level.
  • Enhance income generation opportunities for rural women.
  • Build capacity of women in home based business.
  • Empower women through income generation opportunities.
  • Provide access to chicken meat/eggs.
  • Develop supply chain between market and beneficiaries.


  • Well-being ranking and poverty scoring of target area
  • Selection of beneficiaries  through assessment form
  • Development of Livelihood Investment Plan (LIP)
  • Recommendation by CBO
  • Capacity building of women in hatchery business
  • Provision of incubator to beneficiaries along with all necessary items
  • Establishment of supply chain between market and beneficiaries


About 45  small poultry hatcheries are in the process of establishment under this model.