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Kitchen Gardening

The model of kitchen gardening not only provides fresh vegetables and fruits for the families but could also generate income from the sale of kitchen garden products. This model can be practically applied in most of the rural households and is cost effective for rural communities. In this model HANDS provides support in the form of seeds, fertilizers and training of beneficiaries for gardening.


The objectives are to:

Enable families especially women to grow  vegetables for dietary/nutritional requirement as well as income generation.

Provide technical facilitation to beneficiaries for kitchen gardening.

Facilitate with seeds and equipments etc. for better output from the garden.

Train women of target area regarding effective

growing of vegetables in the kitchen garden.


  • Well-being ranking and poverty scoring of target area
  • Selection of beneficiaries through assessment form
  • Development of Livelihood Investment Plan
  • Large community meetings
  • Recommendation by CBO
  • Orientation of beneficiaries on kitchen gardening
  • Preparation of land for kitchen gardening
  • Handover/distribute input to the beneficiaries
  • Capacity building of beneficiaries for gardening and marketing
  • Monitoring and supervision of process