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Agri-Kit for farmers

Agricultural tool kits are provided to those farmers and small landholders who need support for agricultural activities or who have lost their farming tools and other essential items during any disaster. These tool kits are designed in consultation with local farmers. A standard tool kit may include 02 hand hoes (khurpa), 02 sickles (daranti), 01 spade/shovel (belcha), 01 digger (kudal), 02 rake (kasala) and 01 axe (kulhari). Other items may include livestock water containers, feeding-boxes etc. These supports enable small landholders/poor farmers to effectively undertake their day-to-day agricultural work (weeding, hoeing, watering, managing kitchen gardens etc.).


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Provide cultivation tools to the farmers and thus  improve their productivity and income.
  • Produce better yield of timely crop.
  • Enhance capacity of the farmers.


  • Well-being ranking and poverty  scoring
  • Selection of beneficiaries through assessment form
  • Finalization of beneficiaries
  • Development of Livelihood Investment Plan
  • Large community meeting
  • Recommendation by CBO
  • Opening of CBO bank account / funds directly provided through HANDS
  • Handing over of agri- Kit through CBO.
  • Receiving of agri- tools by the farmer.