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Provision of Livestock (Goats)

Rearing of livestock is the largest socioeconomic activity in rural areas adding status and prestige to the owners and making major contribution to their diet as well. Livestock refers to cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats and poultry in Pakistan. Livestock activity is responsible for about half of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Almost all rural households have one or more of these animals. Livestock is a source of food (milk and meat) and cash returns to buy food and other household items. Goats are a very valuable resource of income for vulnerable and poor households, particularly during crisis.



The objectives of this model are to:

  • Promote livestock rearing for income generation at  household level.
  • Increase milk and meat production for income generation of individuals.
  • Vaccinate livestock to decrease the prevalence and incidence of diseases.
  • To develop small livestock farms for income generation and food security.


  • Well-being ranking and poverty scoring of target population
  • Selection of beneficiaries through assessment form
  • Finalization of beneficiaries with
  • recommendation of Community Based Organization (CBO)
  • Development of Livelihood Investment Plan (LIP)
  • Large community meeting
  • Formation of farmer groups
  • Formation purchasing committee
  • Opening of CBO bank account/funds directly provided through HANDS
  • Recommendation of beneficiaries by CBO
  • Development of distribution plan
  • Distribution of tokens through software
  • Receiving signature from beneficiaries
  • Monitoring and supervision


Till now 3,084 men & women have been benefited through provision of Livestock for income generation.