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Disaster management Program



Disaster management aims at reducing or avoiding the potential losses from hazards, assuring prompt and appropriate assistance to disaster victims and achieving an effective and rapid recovery. The program ensures appropriate actions at all points which lead to greater precautionary measures along with better warning system causing reduced vulnerability or possible prevention of disasters. The holistic disaster management cycle majorly focuses on the shaping of public policies and plans that either modify the causes of disasters or mitigate their effects on people, property and infrastructure.

Best Practice Service Models


Establishment of Relief / Emergency Camp

Camp Management ensures the provision of basic human rights to people through shelter, protection and assistance, in accordance with international laws and standards.


  • The objectives of this model are to:
  • Provide temporary shelters to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) according to their needs.
  • Accommodate the IDPs till they can return to their homes.

Relief Camp


Disaster Management (DM) team at the district office identifies displaced persons and conducts their need assessment and identifies the ground/space to set up camps.

  • Tents are erected at the identified site for the camp.
  • A camp management committee is formed which comprises of 10 persons (8 males and 2 females).
  • The camp management committee registers all the families.
  • The activities at the camp are conducted in coordination with this committee including distributions of all sorts.