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Food Distribution During Emergency

The food distribution model of Disaster Management Program focuses on feeding and nutritional requirements of IDPs due to disasters. The United Nations’ (UN) World Food Program has provided the guidelines for average requirement of food/calories per person (2100 kcal per person per day). The average requirement of an adult person is about 515 grams per person per day for the food distribution in emergencies. This distribution varies to suit local conditions, taking into account the population’s actual nutritional requirements and its ability to access food. Their requirement of micronutrients is also considered.

food distribution


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Provide nutritional requirement of IDPs in camps.
  • Support IDPs in emergencies till restoration of their stable routine life.


  • All families in the camp are registered and are provided a token each with predefined quota of food package.
  • Camp management committee is involved and beneficiaries are informed prior to distribution.
  • Food distribution takes place with special consideration for female headed families, disabled persons and pregnant women.