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Disaster Risk Management Centre (DRMC)

Disaster Risk Management Centre is a resource for HANDS community workers to support the hazard victims. The centre assists in providing material support, medical aid and advisory support to the affected areas. Training of volunteers and community persons to response to the emergency or need is also included as one of the purpose of disaster centre. The establishment of a DRMC sets a formal and legal channel for bringing relief to people.


The objectives of Disaster Risk Management Centre are to:

  • Respond and reduce the damage caused by disasters.
  • Minimize potential losses from hazards.
  • Assure prompt and appropriate assistance to victims of disaster.
  • Achieve rapid and effective recovery.


  • Appraisal of the current status of hazard/risk assessment, capability assessment of HR & Logistics  areas.
  • Establishment of a comprehensive emergency
  • management program based on local needs.
  • Development of strategies.
  • Development of a 1 – 5 year work plan to improve emergency management.
  • Research on population database.
  • Integration of maps and mapping data.
  • Customizing reports.
  • Adding information and links to database.
  • Training of staff.