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Best Practice Training Models

Training on Camp Management

This model of Disaster Management offers trainings on camp management which is crucial in emergency situations. Lack of management capacity leads to misuse of resources and adds to the miseries of camp dwellers.


  • The objectives of this model are to:
  • Gain knowledge on camp organization, management and systems.
  • Learn how to secure and uphold the protection of the rights of refugees and IDPs under international law.


Encourage participants to think creatively and utilize contemporary adult learning methodologies. It also includes interactive discussions, lectures, group work, in-house exercises, camp mapping, presentations,

case studies, videos and brain-storming.

Training Duration:

03 days

Training Contents:

  • Need Assessment of IDPs
  • Selection of camp location
  • Formation of camp committee
  • Establishment of camp
  • Roles and responsibilities in camp management
  • Introduction to the protection framework
  • Protection of people with specific needs
  • International standards
  • Camp life cycle
  • Management Information System (MIS)