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Drought Mitigation Trainings

The Drought Mitigation Training provides an opportunity for practitioners to learn essential skills and knowledge in drought mitigation and climate change to address implementation challenges in a systematic manner. Through exercises and simulations, participants practice

risk assessment and risk management planning.


  • The objectives of this model are to:
  • Examine various models of disaster risk management and drought mitigation.
  • Design and conduct Drought Mitigation assessment.
  • Identify measures for hazards and vulnerability  reduction and community capacity building.


Learning through exercises, group work, field work, simulations, videos, discussion forums, lectures, presentations and interactive activities.

Training Contents:

  • Crop diversification
  • Conservation farming
  • Early planting
  • Livestock production
  • Irrigation
  • Gardening
  • Winter ploughing
  • Relief food
  • Timely acquisition of farming inputs
  • Enterprise diversification
  • Food storage
  • Bamboo cultivation
  • Introduction of donkeys and small livestock
  • Use of drought tolerant varieties
  • Bee keeping
  • Water harvesting
  • Small grants

Training Duration:

06 days


02 trainings have been conducted in last couple of years and 50 participants have been trained for Drought Mitigation which includes risk assessment & management.