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Education and Literacy Program



The ultimate goal of Education and Literacy Program is to promote education for human and institutional development. The primary focus of the program is provision of primary education, capacity building of teachers and strengthening of School Management Committee (SMC). The activities of Education and Literacy Program begin with the respective community assessment which gives complete information in terms of social values, norms, literacy level, educational facilities etc. To ensure community participation in program activities, local Community Based Organizations (CBOs) / School Management Committees (SMCs) are formed/ strengthened to meet HANDS’ ultimate goal of community development. Following are the Best Practice Models of HANDS Education and Literacy program:

Best Practice Service Models


Parwarish Markaz

This model focuses on children, of 2-4 years age, who need opportunities and stimulation for physical, mental and intellectual development. Parwarish Markaz (PM) is a village/community based intervention setup to strengthen the parental skills and provide them support to take care of their young children.


The objectives of Parwarish Markaz (PM) are to:

  • Provide access and integrated services for optimal development of children less than 4 years of age.
  • Provide learning opportunities to children of 2-4 years age regarding preparation for formal pre-primary education.
  • Increase awareness of mothers/caregivers regarding  care and development of 2-4 years age children.



  • Identification/selection of target area/village
  • Conduction of baseline survey
  • Meeting with CBOs
  • Identification of place for PM with support of CBO
  • Recruitment of Parwarish Worker (PW) and Aya through CBO
  • Orientation and training of Parwarish Worker (PW) and Aya
  • Enrollment of children 2-4 years age
  • Provision of learning material, furniture, stationary, MIS, weighing scale etc. to PM
  • Launching / Inauguration of PM
  • Conduction class sessions.
  • Periodic Health awareness sessions for mothers of enrolled children.
  • Establishment of learning corners
  • On job sessions with PW
  • Assessment of enrolled children
  • Monitoring and supervision by staff


HANDS has established Parwarish Markaz in district Hyderabad, Matiari, Karachi (Rural) and Badin. Till date 51 Parwarish Markaz have been established and 51 Parwarish Workers have been trained with total enrollment of 1367 children, including 904 girls and 463 boys.