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Adult Literacy Centre (ALC)

Through this model HANDS Education and Literacy Program provides optimal opportunities to illiterate adults. The model not only provides literacy but has linked literacy with skill development. The age group for the learner in this model is from 15 to 35 years. Adult literacy centers are established in the villages where special attention is needed.



The objectives of establishing adult literacy centres are to:

l   Increase literacy rate in Pakistan (especially of women in rural areas).

l   Create learning environment in families.

l   Raise awareness of the families about the importance of literacy.



l   Identification of area/village

l   Baseline of area/village

l   Formation/strengthening/training of CBOs

l   Identification of place for  literacy centre

l   Hiring/recruitment of teacher / mentor

l   Development of  literacy manual

l   Training of teaachers

l   Enrollment of learners

l   Provision of material

l   Learner assessment

l   Regular meetings with SMC/ CBO

l   Monthly monitoring visit

l   Periodical progress reports