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Health Action School (HAS)

Health Action School (HAS)

The Health Action School (HAS) model was initiated in public sector schools using the Child-to-Child (CtC) approach in February 2006.



The objectives of the HAS model are to:

  • Work towards a healthy environment for school and the community.
  • Promote healthy environment using CtC approach.
  • Educate primary school children (5-12 years) in health and hygiene for their development as hygiene advocate.
  • Achieve positive changes in children’s personal health, environment, families and communities.


  • MoU signing at district level.
  • Development of Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) and Annual Financial Plan (AFP).
  • Orientation of District Government Officials.
  • Identification/selection of schools.
  • School screening and finalization.
  • Identification of teachers.
  • Training of teachers on HAS.
  • Conducting HAS sessions in school.
  • Regular monitoring visits and meetings with teachers and SMCs.
  • Monthly Program Review.