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School Health Screening


The focus of this model is to, “Improve children’s learning capacity by paying attention to their health, nutritional status and emotional well-being”.



The objectives of this model are to:

  • Detect primary impairments at school level.
  • Conduct de-worming and develop health monitoring mechanism at schools.
  • Promote child friendly learning environment and develop sustainable linkages with departments of education, health, social welfare and local Government.
  • Promote clean and protective environment for children, inclusive of eliminating corporal punishment.


  • Development of AIP and AFP
  • MoU signing at district level
  • Orientation of district Government officials
  • Identification/selection of schools
  • School screening and finalization
  • Identification of health providers from Government health facilities
  • Trained HCPs on health issues of the children of class I to V
  • Develop and place referral strategy
  • Health screening of students
  • Referral of screened students for treatment.
  • Regular monthly meeting with EDO Education, EDO  Health and EDO CDD for coordination
  • Networking meetings with in charges of Health facilities
  • Conduction of De-worming of students
  • Students’ data feeding, cleaning, analysis and report development
  • Advocacy and dissemination seminars at district and provincial level
  • Regular monitoring visits and meetings with teachers and SMCs
  • Monthly report and quarterly program review


During the preceding years 568 model schools have been developed in the School Health Screening model. The number of students enrolled in these schools were 42000. The personnel trained for this model included 568 teachers, 57 health care providers and 30 Government officials (In charges).