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Adopt a School (Public Private Partnership)


This model is for the population, where government school is available but is non functional in terms of poor infrastructure or non-availability of quality education. HANDS signs MoU with philanthropists / donors and District Government / Education Department before intervening in schools and improves quality of education through training of teachers and School Management Committees. School starts with pre-primary class that focuses on Early Childhood Development. Infrastructure is ensured with provision of basic facilities like water, electricity, separate bathroom for girls and boys, furniture and safe play areas.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Provide and promote primary education for girls/ boys in underprivileged areas.
  • Increase the access and improve the quality of teaching/learning in community based primary schools.
  • Build the capacity and commitment of Parents towards their child’s education.
  • Involve Parents Education Board (PEB) for the sustainability of schools.


The following methodology is adopted to improve the quality education:

  • Identification of area/village
  • Identification and finalization of place for school  (3-4 rooms building).
  • Baseline of school
  • Formation / Strengthening of PEB/CBO.
  • Account opening of PEB/CBO and transfer of funds for school construction.
  • Hiring/recruitment of teacher
  • Training of teachers/PEB/CBO members
  • Enrollment campaign for learner.
  • Conduction of regular monthly on-job sessions for teachers.


  • Arrangement of inter exchange exposure visits of PEB, teachers, head teachers and district Government/ Education Department officials.
  • Screening of children for malnutrition and other health impairments.
  • Provision of food supplement on alternate days through PEB.
  • Provision of financial subsidy to    PEB for school equipments / material, furniture and teachers’ salary. The financial subsidy is in two forms of vouchers, one is Enrollment Subsidy Voucher (ESV) and the  other is Attendance Bonus (AB) voucher.
  • Color of school and provision of equipments / material
  • Regular meetings with PEB/CBOs
  • Monthly monitoring/supervision visits
  • Registration of school to be upgraded from primary to middle and then secondary.
  • Establishment of school endowment fund for sustainability.
  • Investment of endowment fund for income of school for its expenses.
  • Annual exam/assessment of enrolled children
  • Periodical reports


Overall 2,647 schools have been adopted under this model, more than 0.31 million students and nearly 8,499 teachers have been benefited through this model. The material supplied to the school included stationary, teaching material and bag including school renovation. Recently HANDS has signed an MoU with IRD for implementing Sindh Community Mobilization Program (SCMP) funded by USAID. In the year 2015, total 300 government schools were benefited through CMP program. The important achievements of program are as per following:

  • Formation/Re-Formation of SMCs/Sub-Committees in 300 schools.
  • Trained 1,500 members of SMCs/Sub-Committees on School Development Plans of 300 schools.
  • School Annual Day” Celebrated in 300 schools and provided prizes and gifts to 38,700 students.
  • Conducted 67 enrollment campaigns for enrollment of students.
  • Organized “Hand washing day” in 10 Talukas/Clusters of 05 Districts of Sindh (including 03-Towns of Karachi)