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Public Private Partnership

Adopt a Hospital is a best practice model to focus on provision of quality care from secondary healthcare facility. HANDS has the capability of managing secondary healthcare facilities and extended its management services in turning those facilities functional to provide quality health services.

HANDS Jamkanda Hospital 4



The objectives of this model are to:

  • Provide quality healthcare services (primary and
  • secondary) to marginalized communities.
  • Provide comprehensive emergency obstetric and neonatal services.
  • Improve the quality of care provision at health facility through updated equipment, efficient human resource and trainings.
  • Support the management of defunct health facilities to restore their functionality.


  • Assessment of the facility is conducted and needs are identified in terms of logistics and human resource.
  • MoU/ToR signed with managing authority (Government/ Health department – in case of public health facility).
  • Resources mobilized for support (logistics and human resource)
  • Supplies /deployment at the facility
  • Required training provided to healthcare providers
  • Provision of services initiated from the facility
  • Follow up meeting/visit