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Leadership for Future Generation

This training addresses the need of 9 to 14 years youth and develop their leadership skills.

The objectives of this model are to:
 Learn about leadership skills.
 Practice leadership skills.
 Learn about parenting, schooling and friendship.

Methods of instruction include group work, individual work, pair work, presentations, role plays, lectures, demonstrations, discussions, physical exercise and adventure activities.

Training Contents:
 Metaphor of leadership
 Principle of designing life
 Parents are the best guide
 Vision in life
 Time is asset
 Think win-win
 How to listen
 Synergy
 Fitness in life
 Whom to make friendship with
 Spiritual development
 Constructive reading and writing
 How to pursue school

Training Duration:
02 days

Overall 19 trainings have been conducted with 500 participants.