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The world has turned out to be a global village and distance learning is becoming universal mean of transferring knowledge. There is sizable proportion of institutions which offer their learning programs in a distance education format in Pakistan. Over the last few years there are growing numbers of institutions that offer educational services solely through distance education. In 2013 HANDS also introduced distance learning program under its Human and Institution Development Program.The distance learning set up was established with the support of Phone Cast Company. The HID played the major role in this regard along with the IT Program team of the organization. The Administration department of the organization also extended its full support to accomplish this extensive task. At present HANDS has established 03 well equipped studios for the conduction and telecast of the teaching and learning session.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Spread knowledge and information in sufficient and cost effective manners to distant places and people
  • Save the time and cost of transportation in the organization.
  • Reduce the traveling risk and its hazards.


Software is installed in the system at the organization which is connected with the internet

The user is provided with specific Universal Resource Locator (URL) to access the transmission Different courses / meetings / seminars are designed, scheduled, arranged and announced through the website and other sources.

All the activities have a defined specific timeframe and at that timeframe the user clicks the URL and joins the broadcast and this is a one way communication. For two way communication for questions or queries, Skype application is used.

Different orientation workshops, recruitment interviews, employees’ appraisal conductions, in house presentations, training and webinars could be conducted this way


From the establishment to up till now following activities have been carried out under this service model

HR Table

These days HANDS has started a Business English program for the employees of the organization and other participants.