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Financial Management Training

This model specifically emphasizes on managing financial activities in order to fulfill organization’s mission in the most effective and efficient manner.

The objectives of this model are to:
 Enhance skills and techniques regarding the financial management system in the organizations.
 Build capacity for funds management.
 Understand financial record keeping techniques.
 Recognize asset valuation and financial risk assessment.

The methodology for this model includes in-house interactive lectures, individual assignments, group work, simulations, case studies and discussion.

Training Contents:
 Non-profit financial management
 Audit (Internal and external)
 Strategic financial management
 Financial ethics
 Transparency and Accountability
 Financial reporting

Training Duration:
03 days

272 trainings have been conducted so far, which were attended by 7926 participants.

Unit cost

Day scholars:                    Rs. 6500

Residential:                       Rs. 13000