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Project Proposal Writing

Proposal Writing / Resource Mobilization

This model is offered for development sector professionals for writing effective and productive proposals for organizations and communities.

The objectives of this model are to:
 Understand the steps involved in proposal writing.
 Meet up the donors’ requirements in proposals.
 Develop constructive, logical and appealing case to demand for support.
 Set project objectives, goals and achievement mission.

The methodology for this training program includes lectures, discussions, group work, individual work and presentations.

Training Contents:
 Effective proposal writing
 Project LFA development
 Project budgeting
 Development of Monitoring & Quality Assurance criteria
 Setting clear objectives and writing reader-centered proposals

Training Duration:
03 days

In the previous years 06 trainings have been conducted with 138 men and women participants.

Unit cost

Day scholars:          Rs. 7500

Residential:             Rs. 11500