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Training on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

The objectives of this training are to:
 Establish understanding of up-to-date approaches to hygiene promotion and environmental sanitation in schools and communities.
 Learn and share experiences on current practices of hygiene and environmental sanitation in communities.
 Highlight the importance of integrating technical aspects with hygiene and sanitation promotion for sustainable behavior change.
Participatory learning techniques are used and include short introductory presentations, interactive sessions, lectures, group work, discussions, case studies, brain-storming and practical exercises.

Training Contents:
 Construction of site
 Water quality
 Best practice models
 Material handling
 Inspection and monitoring
 Low cost WASH facilities
 Hygiene improvement units
 Innovative and WASH friendly approaches
 Integrated WASH units

Training Duration:
03 days

04 trainings have been conducted on WASH with a participation of 74 people.