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Communication Schemes

This model not only improves the means of communications for the communities but also opens new horizons for economic and human resource development in the area. The coastal areas are the hub of business especially for fishing and related activities. Therefore, the need of jetty is very apparent for these areas.

Jetty Facility

The objectives of this model are to:
 Provide an area where community people can make new boats.
 Provide communication facility.
 Facilitate local businesses requiring good communication especially fishing and related activities.
 Improve the socio-economic status of community.
 Improve access for sale, purchase, supplies etc.

 The general methodology of this model is same as those of previous models.
 The specific steps in each component of the model are concerned with technical aspects and can be referred in the program brochures of each model.
 The components of this model include:

1. Jetty Facility

01 jetty has been successfully constructed and handed over to the community.

2. Non- Metal / Concrete Cement Link Road

Total 1,214 link roads have been completed in various districts.

3. Bridges/Culverts

Overall achievement is construction of 288 bridges/culverts in target areas.


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