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Psycho Soical Wellbeing Traning

The vulnerable group of women and children need psycho-social support to recover from disaster traumas. They are vulnerable particularly in traumatic situations during natural disasters/emergencies. It is essential to address their emotional and social needs through psycho-social support activities in a protective environment for a normal development.


The objectives of this training model are to:

Understand the concept of psychosocial wellbeing.

Learn about theories of psychosocial wellbeing.

Differentiate between the components of psychosocial wellbeing.

Learn how to promote psychosocial wellbeing.

Understand concept of child rights in educational setting.

Learn how to involve communities in designing and implementation of educational setup in emergencies.


The methodology of the training involves a variety of approaches to enhance the understanding of participants regarding the subject. It includes group work, individual work, pair work, presentations, role play, lecture and demonstration.

Training Contents:

Definition of mental health

Post traumatic stress disorder


Basic helping skills

Psychosocial competencies

Community consultation

Social animation

Training Duration:

07 days