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Telehelth (Telemedicine) Service Delivery Model

1414939808_page491414939808Health services delivery in remote areas of the country is a big issue. Besides long distances, non-availability of quality health care including health facility and health care provider is also a burning issue.Under the distance teaching/learning technology HANDS has introduced telehealth program.. Phone Cast Company has played premier role in this regard. The program is run under the management of Health Promotion Program of the organization.

Objectives of this program are to:

  • Provide quality health services to distant places where there is either no health facility or health
  • care provider or absence of both.
  • Save resources in terms of time and cost
  • Improve quality of health care for the poor communities in remote areas

There are two ends to this telehealth system i.e. the Client end and the Health Care Provider end and it uses the Skype software.

At the client end there is system connected through Skype with the Health Care Provider at the other end

The Health Care Provider advises a client/patient as per his/her symptoms or complaints.
The Health Care Provider can also directly monitor the Pulse, Blood pressure and ECG by connecting a lead from the monitoring device to the computer.