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Rehabilitation of Disables

This is our social responsibility as a society to support disabled persons and boost their morals so that they can lead a normal life as useful citizens. This model focuses on special persons and their needs towards leading a normal life.


The objectives of this model are to:

Improve the overall quality of life of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

Provide support (assistive devices) to improve the management of daily routines and quality of life.

Facilitate in making the PWDs as self reliant individuals of the society through capacity building.



Identification of persons with disability through screening.

Assessment of type and severity of disability through medical need assessment camp.

Awareness raising session for the communities.

Social and educational inclusion of children with disability.

Training of family members of the bedridden PWDs, enabling them to attend such persons with special needs.

Provision of supportive devices e.g. wheel chair, prosthesis etc.

Enterprise/business development  training for PWDs.

Teachers training on educational inclusion of the Children With Disabilities (CWDs) in main stream school.

Capacity  building  of  staff  for  Disabled  Persons Organization (DPOs).