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Management Information System (MIS)

HANDS is proud to have a strong monitoring system based on Management Information System (MIS) at all levels of interventions including community, district office and head office.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Strengthen reporting system of organization.
  • Track changes in the provided services and desired results (at program or population level).
  • Collect data at all levels of project/program interventions.
  • Use data for progress and performance review and thus future strategic planning.



  • Designing of MIS tools (registers, cards, formats etc.) for all intervention levels (community, district office and head office), in accordance with the activities for Objectively Verifiable Indicators (OVIs) of the project/ program.
  • Pretesting and finalization of the tools.
  • Reporting formats are designed for all levels of project/program management.
  • Orientation/training on MIS tools for all the managers.
  • Define and establish mechanism for data flow (from community based intervention to district  offices and then to head office).
  • Development of data reporting formats for each project/program.
  • Development of database for each project/program component.
  • Provision of required logistics (MIS tools, computers, printers etc.) to the managers.
  • Define and design  project / program reviews(supervisory checklist).
  • Strengthen or develop feedback mechanism which involves all concerned staff for rectification.
  • Transfer of data to head office database for analysis and report generation for all stakeholders (community, mid level managers, donors etc.).
  • Dissemination of reports (to donors/ partners).