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Monitoring Evaluation and Research Program

Introduction Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (MER) program is responsible for the monitoring of projects / programs, interventions/activities as well as conduction of internal and external researches. It is MER’s responsibility to establish and maintain Management Information System (MIS) throughout the organization from community to district office and head office level. All MIS tools for projects/programs […]

Research Methodology Training

This best practice model of MER offers opportunity for the participants to learn about research methodology. This is a series of training and various topics are undertaken at different intervals. The training contents are extended or modified as per need of the participant and similarly the number of training days also varies with the contents. […]

Logical Framework Matrix Training

The Logical Framework Matrix/Analysis (LFA/LFM) training model offers opportunity for users to develop LFA/LFM of projects/program. This training model not only provides knowledge about the theory of the matrix but actual framework of any project/program is developed alongside. Objectives: The objectives of the training are to: Build capacity of individuals regarding development of LFA/LFM. Enable […]

Management Information System (MIS) Training

This training model is applicable wherever and whenever any Management Information System (MIS) tools are developed. Objectives: The objectives of this training are to: Provide orientation of MIS tools to the users. Enable users to generate report. Enable the user to identify gaps in targets and related achievements. Methodology: The methodology of the training includes […]

Periodical Reviews / Monitoring Visits

This best practice model of MER is effectively used for progress assessment/evaluation against the set targets. Periodical reviews are conducted to assess the progress made against the targets identified in log frame through participatory approach and to identify issues and challenges for achieving the targets. Suggestions and recommendations are given for performance improvement. Objectives: The […]


Conduction of researches is one of the best practice models of MER. The program team is capable of undertaking all sorts of researches either required for internal projects/program or external researches for other organizations. The researches include screening, baseline/need assessments, evaluations and action based researches etc. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Conduct […]