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Women Mobilization and Leadership Training

GAD program conducts mobilization and leadership trainings of professional women at different levels. These trainings boost self confidence in women and enhance their leadership skills. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Sensitize women on gender issues. Develop understanding of participants about gender equity/equality. Develop motivational skills. Develop confidence and conflict resolution skills. Methodology: […]

Gender Sensitization Short Session

The purpose of this training model is to reduce gender gaps among community and provide them orientation on gender concepts. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Promote gender concepts. Sensitize participants on gender equality and equity. Methodology:          GAD program conducts orientation and sensitization sessions for different groups as per requirement. The orientation sessions are […]

Gender Sensitization Training for Professionals

HANDS’ GAD program has the expertise of conducting training for professionals on gender sensitization. These professionals could either be the organizational staff which addresses the gender issues of their respective institutes or they could be professionals trained as trainers (Training of Trainers – ToT) prepared for further step down trainings. These trainings are conducted for […]

Facilitating Economic Rehabilitation of Gender Based Violence (GBV) Survivors

With the support of Livelihood Enhancement program, the GAD program empowers the survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) through providing income generation skills at shelter homes. These skills assist the women not to remain in abusive married relationships for economic reasons and make it easier for them to return to their communities as productive members […]

Gender Advocacy Campaign

The purpose of HANDS’ Gender Advocacy model is to create an enabling environment for men and women to access and exercise equal rights. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Promote gender equity in organization. Create conducive environment for men and women equal rights. Methodology: Identification of relative issues Identification of  potential stakeholders and […]

HANDS Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual harassment at workplace is a form of misconduct that undermines the integrity of the employees’ relationship within the organization. The sexual harassment policy enables organization to create a conducive working environment. Objectives: The objectives are to: Create an environment free from all forms of harassment. Enhance productivity of staff by providing secure environment. Methodology: The […]

Gender And Development (GAD) program

Introduction Gender And Development (GAD) program works as cross cutting theme to ensure gender equity and equality in all organizational policies, procedures, projects and programs. Following are the best practice models of GAD program: Best Practice Service Models  Model-1 Gender Policy / Code of Conduct This model is designed to develop Gender Policy/Code of Conduct […]