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Case Studies

Reciprocal Partnership made the difference; Success story of HANDS and KRN Background: Karachi is a multiethnic, multicultural, multilingual and thickly populated city and is divided in urban and rural. The urban part is highly developed but on the other hand the people of rural are lagging behind in the fundamental needs i.e. education, health, drinking […]

Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) Training

The training of Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) is designed to enable the participants to conduct PRAs in the community to gather information. Objective: The objectives of this model are to: Build up an undeviating “people first” attitude in minds of the participants through showing that “people are capable agents to change their own lives” but require […]

CBOs Capacity Building Training (Rehnuma)

This training model is particularly developed to build the capacity of CBOs for transition to community based institutions. Through this training program the volunteer workers of CBO are trained on community development concept, participatory development, gender and development, conflict resolutions, leadership skills, communication techniques and social mobilization. CBOs are also trained in record keeping and […]

Community Based Organization (CBO)

The working philosophy of Social Mobilization Program involves Community Based Organization (CBO) as its partner in community development, therefore all programs and projects are being implemented with collaboration of  CBO. This ensures the sustainability of the program to some extent. CBO is a primary level organization formed at village/settlement/para/ community level in the target area. […]

Social Mobilization Program

Introduction Social mobilization occupies a central place in HANDS approach, with primary focus on working with the poor and disadvantaged. Social mobilization is a participatory process to raise awareness, mobilize and involve local institutions, local leadership and local communities for collective action towards a common vision. The basic working philosophy of HANDS Social Mobilization Program has […]