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Training of Masons and Community Members on Construction of Shelters with Lime Stabilized Soil

This model focuses on capacity building of masons and community members to build/rebuild shelters by using lime. The training provides technical guidance and skills to build disaster resilient shelters with the lime stablized soil Objectives: The objectives of this training are to: Provide guidance on construction with lime stabilized soil in flood prone areas. Provide […]

Training on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Training on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Objectives: The objectives of this training are to: Establish understanding of up-to-date approaches to hygiene promotion and environmental sanitation in schools and communities. Learn and share experiences on current practices of hygiene and environmental sanitation in communities. Highlight the importance of integrating technical aspects with hygiene and sanitation […]

Social Sector Schemes

The social sector scheme model of IDEAS focuses on provision/construction of structures required for social development including health, education facilities etc. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Provide infrastructure of facilities (health, education etc.) which are either not available or destroyed by some natural calamity. Facilitate continuation of services provided through the constructed/renovated […]

Communication Schemes

This model not only improves the means of communications for the communities but also opens new horizons for economic and human resource development in the area. The coastal areas are the hub of business especially for fishing and related activities. Therefore, the need of jetty is very apparent for these areas. Objectives: The objectives of […]

Disaster Risk Reduction Schemes

This model is for protection from natural disasters and currently offers construction of flood protection wall in the coastal areas. The Flood Water Protection Wall (FWPW) is built in flood prone parts of the coastal area, to provide protection during heavy monsoon rains or cyclones. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Reduce or […]

Household Technologies

This model of household technologies is meant for improving the quality of life by using simple, cost effective and user friendly methods. The technologies included in this model are biosand filter for water purification and smokeless stoves. House hold technology – Energy efficient stove Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Treat surface water […]