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In this model the individual farmers are supported through provision of agri-inputs for cultivation according to the needs of the farmer. This support is provided to the poor small landholders, tenants, share-croppers (men/women) and female headed farming households to improve their agricultural production, food security and income generation. Support is provided to small land owners […]

Enterprise Development Training (EDT)

  Livelihood Enhancement Program (Off-Farm) conducts Enterprise Development Training for entrepreneurs for the smooth running of the enterprise. The training courses are offered for 02 and 06 days. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Assist participants in setting up and running their micro-enterprises. Enable participants to identify business ideas for their enterprising businesses, […]

Hunarmand Training Centre (HTC)

Livelihood (Off-Farm) program offers 3 month diploma courses for men and women, including machine embroidery, cutting and stitching, over-lock, flat-lock and single-stitch. Some other courses include textile machine operator, domestic electrician, mobile phone repairing, motor winding, UPS maintenance, pattern making and cutting, TV repair and maintenance, carpenter, beautician course and computer hardware and software training. […]

Village based Entrepreneurs Centre

The model of village based entrepreneur is designed to provide skill enhancement and income generation opportunities to community women at village level. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Create model centres for women empowerment through income generation activities. Establish village based entrepreneur centre with the collaboration of CBO. Train community members to generate […]

Knit Garment Unit

The knit garment model aims at providing income generation opportunities from garment production. Garment production has quite vast scope for the income generation especially for underprivileged communities. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Train local communities in knit garment. Provide income generation opportunities. Methodology: Conduction of market survey/market demand. Employment of workers on […]

Hunarmand Markaz (Display Centre)

This best practice model of the program is introduced to provide a centre for the display of marketing products. The centre not only provides opportunity for local craftsmen to display their products for marketing but also provide opportunity to local businessmen to avail these products. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Promote local […]

Sughar Program

This best practice service model is developed to promote local trades as well as to create income generation activities for women in the communities. Objectives: The objectives of Sughar (local skilled women) model are to: Provide self employment opportunities through skill enhancement trainings. Facilitate system of supplies and marketing liaisons. Establish link with HANDS display […]

Enterprise Development / Entrepreneurship

This model aims at providing income generation activities for socioeconomic stability of underprivileged people in target population. Objectives: The objectives of Enterprise Development / Entrepreneurship model are to: Improve socioeconomic conditions of under privileged communities. Ensure provision of self employment opportunities through skill enhancement trainings. Establish small enterprises. Transfer assets and/or distribute grant. Methodology: Conduction […]