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SRH (Sexual Reproductive Health)Trainings

This training model is applicable for adolescents (young boys and girls) with the prime objective of helping them lead a normal and healthy reproductive life as an adult. Objective: The objectives of this model are to: Raise awareness about the Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH). Provide information about the status of SRH in Pakistan. Provide orientation […]

Traditional (trained) Birth Attendants (TBAs)

This best practice model of HANDS is applied in those areas where LHW is available. Rest of the objectives and methodology is same as that of MARVI model. The Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) is trained to market the products and is regularly monitored and supervised by HANDS staff. Objectives: Same as model of MARVI. Methodology: […]

Public Private Partnership

Adopt a Hospital is a best practice model to focus on provision of quality care from secondary healthcare facility. HANDS has the capability of managing secondary healthcare facilities and extended its management services in turning those facilities functional to provide quality health services.   Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Provide quality healthcare […]

Client Centered Approach (CCA) Traning For Health Care Providers

This training model focuses on the healthcare providers of public and private healthcare facilities with special emphasis on communication and counselling skills. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Get more acquainted with each other and participate actively. Learn how to communicate freely and be relaxed, and share personal experiences. Learn how to involve […]

Community Health Workers (MARVI Workers) Client Centered Traning

This best practice training model is for the community based health worker (MARVI) with Client Centered Approach (CCA). The trained MARVIs provide primary healthcare services in their respective communities. Objective: The objectives of this training are to: Provide basic curative, preventive and promotive healthcare to the community. Train and ensure the availability of reliable healthcare […]

IUCD Training

The best practice training model of IUCD Training is designed as state of the art to develop the skills of healthcare providers for placing Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) for birth spacing. Objectives: The objectives of this training are to: Positively influence the attitudes of participants towards the benefit and appropriate usage of IUCD. Provide […]

Psycho Soical Wellbeing Traning

The vulnerable group of women and children need psycho-social support to recover from disaster traumas. They are vulnerable particularly in traumatic situations during natural disasters/emergencies. It is essential to address their emotional and social needs through psycho-social support activities in a protective environment for a normal development. Objectives: The objectives of this training model are […]

Birthing Station Model

HANDS has introduced Birthing Station as a best practice model to focus on the Reproductive Health (RH) needs of rural communities. The Community Midwife (CMW) trained at Community Midwifery Schools of HANDS, is placed at her respective village where a fully equipped birthing station is established to provide antenatal, natal, postnatal and neonatal services. Referral […]