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HANDS Health Promotion program

Introduction HANDS Health Promotion program has evolved over last 35 years and is providing integrated health services at national level. The program includes integration of health interventions with other social development initiatives. Health services are provided to the community in coordination with local Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Best Practice Service Models Model-1 Misali / Marvi Workers […]

Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Trainings (CBDRR)

This model of disaster management program is designed to train professionals to manage the victims of and effects of natural disasters and calamities. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Reduce the damage caused by natural hazards like earthquakes, floods, droughts and cyclones. Minimize the damage and trauma due to disaster. Manage early recovery […]

Management Information System (MIS)

HANDS is proud to have a strong monitoring system based on Management Information System (MIS) at all levels of interventions including community, district office and head office. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Strengthen reporting system of organization. Track changes in the provided services and desired results (at program or population level). Collect data […]

Best Practices Model -1 Marginalized Area Reproductive Health Viable Initiative (MARVI)

HANDS introduced Community Health Worker model for the areas where there is no Lady Health Worker (LHW). This model works on the same pattern as LHW model where the Lady Health Worker has a static centre at her residence and makes home visits as well for service delivery. She is supported by a health committee […]

Community Midwives (CMW) Training Program

Community Midwifery Training School is an institute to train community midwives for providing antenatal, natal and postnatal services in the community. The school provides 18 months residential training to willing and committed local community females who have passed matric examination to provide services to their respective communities after successful completion of this course. The duration […]

Rehabilitation of Disables

This is our social responsibility as a society to support disabled persons and boost their morals so that they can lead a normal life as useful citizens. This model focuses on special persons and their needs towards leading a normal life. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Improve the overall quality of life […]

Telehelth (Telemedicine) Service Delivery Model

Health services delivery in remote areas of the country is a big issue. Besides long distances, non-availability of quality health care including health facility and health care provider is also a burning issue.Under the distance teaching/learning technology HANDS has introduced telehealth program.. Phone Cast Company has played premier role in this regard. The program is […]

Output Based Aid (OBA) Voucher Scheme (NARI)

HANDS Health Program introduced an innovative model of Output Based Aid (OBA) Voucher Scheme for pregnant women in rural/remote areas. This model is referred as NARI. Objectives: The objectives of this model are to: Provide financial support to pregnant women/neonates with complication for treatment at tertiary healthcare facility. Identify and strengthen local public/private tertiary healthcare […]

Community Based Managment of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM)

Worldwide, nearly 20 million children under five years are estimated to be suffering from severe acute malnutrition (SAM) at any given time. The recently published Lancet Series on maternal and child undernutrition recognises SAM as one of the top three nutrition-related causes of death in children under-five years. Objectives: The objectives of this model are […]

Birthing Station Model

HANDS has introduced Birthing Station as a best practice model to focus on the Reproductive Health (RH) needs of rural communities. The Community Midwife (CMW) trained at Community Midwifery Schools of HANDS, is placed at her respective village where a fully equipped birthing station is established to provide antenatal, natal, postnatal and neonatal services. Referral […]