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Hiring the Consultant to update/develop Operations Manual for Training the Staff on Electrical, Mechanical, Filtration and Distribution Operations of water services at Jacobabad                               

Scope of work:

The Consultant hired for this assignment will develop/update and design Operations Manual in consultation with MC Jacobabad and Local Government Department for training the staff for efficient operation and maintenance of all the Civil works and the Electrical and Mechanical equipment installed at Low-lift and High-lift water supply pumping stations (LLPS and HLPS) and at the water filtration plant. The manual will clearly explain the process of operation and maintenance of all the electrical and mechanical equipment and the entire water filtration and distribution process including the maintenance of civil structures (pump houses, lagoons, clarifiers, filter beds, OHRs) and pipelines, valves and meters etc. with necessary explanations as well as pictorial representations.

The interested bidders must see the detailed Terms of Reference (TORs) of the consultancy that are placed at the website of HANDS, which may be downloaded from for clear understanding of assignment before submission of their bids.

Milestone/ Key Task

  • Approval of the workplan
  • Development of Organogram and JDs on the basis of O&M principles and best practices.
  • Preparation of draft manual for O&M in consultation with LGD and MC staff at all levels and getting its approval from MC Jacobabad and USAID
  • Submission of Presentations (soft copies) for knowledge transfer and its approval by MC Jacobabad and USAID
  • Submission of Manual translated in vernacular language and its approval by MC Jacobabad and USAID

Eligibility Criteria:

This is a high impact assignment and a dynamic person, having excellent communication skills is needed. The Project will facilitate in field coordination, but it is expected that the bidder can work without much hand holding. The successful candidate has to explain in clear and explicit manner, that how a multispecialty (Civil / Electrical / Mechanical) deliverable will be generated. The Project is looking for a person:

  1. Having minimum of graduation in civil / mechanical / electrical engineering master’s in engineering or related area will be preferred.
  2. Demonstrable track record of writing and producing high quality documents.

Period of the Assignment:

Three months (October 2019 – December 2019)

Submission and Opening of proposals:

Interested consultant can apply through submission of electronic copy of proposal to before 18th September 2019 the contents of proposal are mentioned below

  1. Brief introduction of consultant (attach detailed CV with references)
  2. Understanding of context
  3. Methodology
  4. Work Plan
  5. The contract has the total level of effort of 50 Man-days. The bidder has to quote the financial cost as Cost per day in PKR.

Contract Type:

This is a fix cost assignment and “reimbursement mode of payment” against the achievement of milestones. No additional support/ operational cost will be paid by HANDS beyond the quoted amount by the Consultant at the proposal submission stage.